February Feature: Carrington & Ashley Brown talk about Waiting until Marriage for Sex.

28 Feb

We finished the interview! And it was Amazeballs!! Catch the replay.

Is it Sound Doctrine?

23 Jul

Been stuck in the book of Galatians for a few days now. Paul talks about his conversion and how he went away for a period of time before he even began to preach the gospel. 

What stood out for me in this Exploration point was: “Paul’s calling was exceptional, but his message was compatible with others”. 

I believe that there are still non-believers that will have Damascus road-like experiences. The problem comes when people claim to have these experiences but their message isn’t compatible/doesn’t line up with the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Paul met up with and spent time with Peter and James, who were pillars of the church, and they confirmed that his message lined up with the Gospel. 

Social Media has made it so easy to start a movement. But if your message doesn’t line up with the word of God, you sir/ma’am are a fraud. 

Who do you sit under? Who has confirmed that you’re preaching the unadulterated Gospel? Does your walk match your talk? #Gospel #SoundDoctrine #BackToTheBasics 

Set us Free God!

8 Jun

A friend sent me this picture to me today and I gasped. 

We don’t realize that soul ties will literally force us to remain attached to someone that we KNOW isn’t good for us. When we attach ourselves to people that have no part in our destiny, we put ourselves in a precarious place to experience delay after delay. 

God cannot and He will not release you into the destiny He has for you when you’ve got a noose around your neck. He absolutely has to protect what He’s put in you and that may mean pushing back the timeline until you fall IN LINE. 

This made me repent today and I don’t even have a No Good Bae lurking around. Lol. 

God can release you from the bondage of toxic relationships and toxic emotions TODAY. Allow me to pray for you: iwaitedblog@gmail.com. 

#ListenUpLadies #WaitingAndDating #ImWaiting #Abstinence #Purity #Dating #WorthTheWait #WordsOfWisdom #Celibate #Faith #Motivation #Inspiration #ItsWorthIt #Celibacy #Tips #SingleLadyTips

Waiting ON God vs. Waiting IN God

28 Apr

A friend reminded me today that I’m waiting ON God and not waiting IN Him. 

Waiting ON Him promotes impatience and frustration. 

Waiting IN Him promotes rest and peace. 

“HE WHO dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].” Psalm‬ ‭91:1‬ ‭AMP‬‬

#Prayer #Peace

Need prayer?

13 Apr


Sometimes, the moment you decide you’re going to stop fornicating, that’s when every “bae” comes out of hiding. Don’t fall for the okie dokie. 
Move in the direction Holy Spirit is guiding you to. Your promises, peace, provision and protection are in that direction. 

#Abstinence #WorthTheWait #WaitingUntilMarriage #Purity #YouCanDoIt 

Jesus wants to save you. 

12 Apr


Jesus is coming back y’all! 
Tonight in bible study my pastor preached about how Noah preached for 120 years about the coming rain/flood and the people were like “What’s rain??”.

Now our preachers are preaching of the coming rapture and we’re like “What’s a rapture??” Don’t allow the fact that you’ve never experienced a rapture cause you to be lackadaisical about the coming Rapture. 

God wants us all to be saved but God is not slack concerning His promises. 

There is a God that loves, desires to save you and have a relationship with you. I will pray with you. 

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