Work With Me!

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I am FABULOUS at three things: Interviewing couples who waited, writing about abstinence and purity and speaking about abstinence and purity. If you’re looking for someone to interview, write or speak… TODAY is your lucky day!

Interviewing married couples:

I like to call my married couples “Waiters” and I for one absolutely LOVE Waiters. There’s just something about speaking to a couple that put their heads together from the start to accomplish a common goal. So if you know of a couple who wouldn’t mind speaking about their experience, please send them our way. Email me at

Writing for various audiences about Abstinence and Purity:

You are welcome to peruse the various features on this blog for writing samples.

Speaking to women, young and seasoned, about relationships:

I love speaking to groups, large and small, about how to remain abstinent, what God’s Word says on the issue and about healthy relationships. I can also present a talk based on the theme of your gathering. If you’re planning an event and are looking for a multi-dimensional speaker, Let’s connect.

What do you think Waiters??

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