21 Days of Prayer and Purity-Day 17 & 18 Purity of the Body/Loins

Hello iWaited Family!

I’m back with day 17 and 18. Today we’re discussing the purity of our body and loins. Our body is normally what we think of first when discussing purity. And we always think in terms of sex but another way that we can keep our body pure is by eating right and working out. In the past month or so, I made a conscious effort to work out and eat right. Now, I’m a sweets junkie so I fall off the wagon a lot when it comes to food. I literally end my workout and the first thing I think about is going to Krispy Kreme. But I am making a concerted effort to not only protect my sexual purity but to protect the purity of my health as well.

How’s the devotional coming for you? Comment below.

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What do you think Waiters??

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