I AM Challenge Week 2

Good morning iWaited Family,

As you can see you’re getting the 2nd set of declarations for week 2 a couple days late. I have to be honest and admit that I’ve struggled a bit over the past couple of days. As I’ve said before in my videos on Facebook, I’m actually going through this challenge in real time with you all. So I don’t have all of the post planned out and scheduled to post each day because I wake up each morning and ask God what He would like to say to me and what He would like for me to say to you all.

This challenge has not been easy for me. Learning to see God as Father–as MY Father–has been a bit taxing. So in my “uninspired” state these past couple of days I almost gave up on the challenge, especially when I didn’t post the 2nd set of declarations on time (because perfectionism). But, I refuse to give up on God and myself as I’ve done in the past. So I/We begin again.
This morning as I opened my bible to read I landed on Psalm 68. And God made sure to remind me in verse 5 that He is a Father to the Fatherless and His peace and confirmation washed over me. Only God could do something like that for me this morning and I love Him beyond words for confirming this journey for me. Although I’m not Fatherless in the natural, it can seem that way when you don’t have the best relationship with your father.

God keeps reminding me and He’s reminding you this morning, that He is a Father to the fatherless. However fatherless looks for you, God’s got you.

Verse 6 states “God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell…”. Desolate means left alone.

Whether you’ve been left alone by Father, mother, friends etc—you have a Father in heaven that loves you and is concerned about you. And that means you’re NEVER alone.

I love y’all and I’m praying for each of you. You can email prayer requests to iwaitedblog@gmail.com.

Prayer: God even in the tough times, help me to trust your love for me. Help me to hold on to this unshakable and everlasting love. Let your love permeate every part of my being. Help me to take joy in, stand in and depend on Your love. In Jesus’ name, amen!

*Recite the affirmations above however many times you need to in order to allow them to truly sink in. 


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