I AM Challenge Week 2

Hello iWaited Family! Welcome back to the I AM challenge!

I don’t know about you but this challenge has been eye-opening and heart-healing to say the least. God is really opening me up to Him as a Father. I’m finding myself turning to Him more when normally I would just try to “figure it out”. I’m becoming less self-dependent and God-dependent.

While reading back over Jeremiah 31, it blew me away how God desired to bless the children of Israel. He desired to draw them back to Him. He desired to love them with His everlasting love. God desires us and a relationship with us. The God of the universe WANTS to love you. No one is forcing Him to do this. He has an innate desire to pour out His love on you.

Sometimes because of past hurts and disappointments, we have no clue how to receive and accept love. God wants to show you how to do that in this season by overwhelming you with his love and affection. Let Him in today. He will not hurt you.

Prayer: God, I don’t think I’ve ever truly experienced real love. Help me to open my heart to you and allow you in. Help me to receive your love and dwell in it. Help me to see that I’m deserving of your love.

*Recite the affirmations above however many times you need to in order to allow them to truly sink in. 


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