I AM Challenge Week 1

Good morning everyone!

God paid the ultimate price for us by sending His son Jesus to die for us. I’ve sat and thought about what it would take to sacrifice your child for people that would one day deny Him and shun Him and I couldn’t. You have to have some type of special love for creation to do that and God does. He knew that we would fail. He knew that we would fall. He knew that we would sometimes act like we didn’t know Him. And with all of that He said “I still want a relationship with you”. Isn’t that awesome??

You have a Father who has put absolutely NO conditions on how much He will love and care for you. His love has no strings attached.

I will continue to whisper throughout this challenge “God help me to see you as my Father”. I need to know Him in this way.

Prayer: God help me to realize that enormity of your redemption. Help to see that all that I am has been paid for, accepted and loved by you. I don’t have to look outside of myself for anything because you are within me.

*Recite the affirmations above however many times you need to in order to allow them to truly sink in. 


One thought on “I AM Challenge Week 1

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