Watch your words!

🙋🏾 I know I have. 

Look around at your life and you’ll see that it’s a direct manifestation of all of the words (positive or negative) that you’ve spoken over yourself. 

When the Bible says death and life are in our tongues, that thing is real! You literally have the power, with your mouth, to create the life that God desires for you. 

We shoot our destiny in the foot when we speak against everything that we SAY we want. You can say you’re going to be a millionaire all day but if you’re crying broke all of the time AND not managing your finances properly then you’re going to remain broke. 

You can say you want to be married one day but if you’re always talking about how there are no good men or you’ve given up on finding love. 

Shift your thinking and your words today. Your life literally depends on it. #iWaited #WordsMatter #PowerOfLifeAndDeath

What do you think Waiters??

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