“They” said…


“They” said following You would be easy.

But “They” didn’t know that I’ve never considered myself a follower, so following You has been the hardest journey of my life.

“They” said following You would be the best decision of my life.

But “They” haven’t been there when my doubts sent me searching high and low for even the tiniest reason to continue serving You.

“They” said I would never have to worry about anything ever again as long as I followed You.

But “They” don’t understand that when worrying is all you’ve ever known it’s hard to trust The God you cannot see.

“They” said all I had to do was call Your name and You would come running.

But “They” weren’t there the nights I called You incessantly, through tears, and You seemed to run AWAY from me.

“They” said all I had to do was pay my tithes and offerings and I would never have to worry about money again.

But “They” weren’t there when I walked into an apartment devoid of electricity due to non-payment.

~Just some things I jotted down while in my car on my lunch break at work. I was thinking about the past few years and how my relationship with Christ has had to rapidly evolve. 

I really believe we as Christians, young and old alike, have been done a disservice. We’re not being properly taught—and this doesn’t apply to all Pastors, Teachers and Leaders— how to prepare for and weather the storms of life. In many churches, folks are told: Come to church every Sunday & midweek and pay your tithes & offering and you’re good. How do you truly walk out what you’re hearing in church and reading in the bible (if you’re reading your bible)?

Most aren’t saying develop a sound relationship with Jesus Christ through communion with Holy Spirit. Study and digest the word D.A.I.L.Y. Figure out what generational patterns and curses exist in your family bloodline and begin to come against those patterns/curses. Make up in your mind that you’re going to break the dysfunctional, unhealthy and destructive patterns in your family so that you can walk in freedom. Pray AND Seek professional help when you’re battling mental illness.

For many, including myself, when the storms begin to hit your life you literally want to throw yourself off of a mountain because you don’t know how to cope. And that’s where I’ve been the past few months. All hell seemed to break loose in my family, my finances, at work and spiritually. These past few months have been all about truly applying what I know the Word of God says and proving to myself and God that I truly believe He’s God and He’s Sovereign.

In 2 Timothy 2:12 it says, “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him”. That word “suffer” in the Greek means “to remain, abide, not recede or flee”. In other words, when the going gets tough you don’t run off and say “Forget this Christian/ Jesus thing”. Sometimes in the “remaining”, there will be some suffering. When things start getting rough, you make a decision within yourself that you’re going to stick with God no matter what.

I’m not sure what you all, the readers, have been going through these past few months but for me it has been a roller coaster. One I would’ve paid money NOT to ride. I would like to pray for anyone that needs it. No matter the issue. It doesn’t have to center around purity and abstinence. You can email me at iwaitedblog@gmail.com. I look forward to the privilege of praying for you all.

I’m sticking with God, how about you?

Love you all!

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