Is it Sound Doctrine?

Been stuck in the book of Galatians for a few days now. Paul talks about his conversion and how he went away for a period of time before he even began to preach the gospel.

What stood out for me in this Exploration point was: “Paul’s calling was exceptional, but his message was compatible with others”.

I believe that there are still non-believers that will have Damascus road-like experiences. The problem comes when people claim to have these experiences but their message isn’t compatible/doesn’t line up with the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul met up with and spent time with Peter and James, who were pillars of the church, and they confirmed that his message lined up with the Gospel.

Social Media has made it so easy to start a movement. But if your message doesn’t line up with the word of God, you sir/ma’am are a fraud.

Who do you sit under? Who has confirmed that you’re preaching the unadulterated Gospel? Does your walk match your talk? #Gospel #SoundDoctrine #BackToTheBasics

What do you think Waiters??

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