Stop being so deep and enjoy life

“The Spirit makes it clear that as time goes on, some are going to give up on the faith and chase after demonic illusions put forth by professional liars. These liars have lied so well and for so long that they’ve lost their capacity for truth. They will tell you not to get married. They’ll tell you not to eat this or that food—perfectly good food God created to be eaten heartily and with thanksgiving by believers who know better! Everything God created is good, and to be received with thanks.” 1 Timothy‬ ‭4:1-5‬ ‭MSG‬‬
Some people in their effort to APPEAR pious (characterized by a hypocritical concern with virtue or religious devotion; practiced or used in the name of real or pretended religious motives), will attempt to force practices on you that do not line up with the word of God. During the time of the bible there were religious leaders and lay people that voluntarily practiced indefinite celibacy. Not because God called them to a celibate lifestyle but because they thought it would make them more holy. They gave up eating anything that was considered “yummy” because, again, they thought it made them more holy. They gave up anything that seemed enjoyable in order to prevent themselves from sinning.

But if you look at verse 7 in this same chapter is says “Train yourself to be godly”. You don’t have to give up everything you consider enjoyable in order to serve God, you have to train yourself to live within the parameters of His word.

And if you jump back up to verse 4 it says “Everything God created is good, and to be received with thanks.” I will be thanking God on my WEDDING NIGHT as I enjoy my husband and not a moment before then. I will thank God as I enjoy the fried chicken that I eat every once in a while.

Am I saying go out & do all kinds of crazy things that you KNOW go against the Word of God? Absolutely not. However, God is not calling you to hide in cave, eat grass & stay away from human contact. Get out! Serve God. Serve His people. Enjoy godly love. Those are my plans :).

What do you think Waiters??

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