What are you filling up on?

imagePeople no longer seek to find out the root of their misery. Instead we ignore the blaring sirens going off in our heads by burying our heads into our #Facebook, #Instagram and #Twitter feeds. We enter into LaLa land that has no nutritional value for our souls. It’s like needing to lose weight but eating Fast Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then wonder why we’re morbidly obese. We cannot find fulfillment behind our phone, TV, or computer screen. We cannot find satisfaction in looking at other people live their lives–half of which isn’t completely accurate anyway on social media. We cannot find joy in watching hours and hours of reality TV but can’t find ONE hour to sit before God. I encourage you to put down the screens tonight, turn off the TV and seek The God who can fill that deep void you’ve been trying to cover up. He loves you with an EVERLASTING LOVE. And He longs to spend time with you. #TrueIntimacy #TrueJoy #Intimacy #Joy #Love

9 thoughts on “What are you filling up on?

  1. Great words of encouragement, Myrlande! We waste so much time living vicariously through people on TV or people on Facebook when we really need to tune into God and what He wants our lives to be. Thanks for that reminder!


    1. Myrlande! I’m visiting for the first time from blogger care group and I agree 1000 times over. I’ve asked myself why I seek “rest and rejuvenation” through entertainment when I know that in His presence is fullness of joy. Thanks for the reminder to keep tuning in to His heart, His ways, His presence!


  2. Isn’t that true. It is so easy to just go through the motions of our whole lives, consuming and never growing because our fuel is junk.


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