Greatest Commandment: LOVE



A person in a burning building doesn’t need you to tell them that they’re in a burning building. THEY ALREADY KNOW. They feel the heat and smell the smoke. What they need is your help getting out.

Your help includes your prayers and your support.

If I’m a crackhead and you’re a crackhead, you cannot curse me out, call me a crackhead and tell me how my “crackheadedness” is going to kill me and think that’s going to force me to change. If that’s the case, why aren’t you changing?? (That is seriously the example that popped into my head…geez…moving on).

The bible speaks of righteous judgement. This judgement however is between Christians brothers and sisters. We first have to understand that our righteousness comes from God and therefore when He allows righteous judgement it will be through Him. It won’t be you imposing your own personal views on you brother or sister.

God is truly calling this generation to a standard of holiness and purity. Your job is to work out your OWN soul’s salvation. Our job isn’t to look at other people’s grass, we need to be watering our own.

I truly love my iWaited Family. Let’s progress in our personal relationship with Christ and ENCOURAGE our brothers and sisters to do the same.


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