What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? REALLY?

As I was brushing my teeth this morning :), I started to think about how unhealthy McDonald’s food is (so totally random) and the fact that although there has been many reports on how their food probably isn’t really food, they continue to be the #1 fast food restaurant. I stopped eating their food at the beginning of the year when after a long hiatus I ate McDonald’s again and my stomach literally rebelled against me. So I decided to pretty much cut out all fast food. (Chik-Fil-A is NOT fast food to me mmmkay)

I’ve heard various reasons for why people continue to eat fast food and the main one seemed to be “It hasn’t killed me yet.” Sometimes because we don’t see or recognize the immediate detriment to doing something we think we can continue doing it. So because I didn’t drop dead from my first Big Mac I figure I can continue eating them, right? WRONG!

The same thing happens with our sexual experience(s). In the bible there are a few examples of God killing people on the spot for sinning. Imagine if He did that now? We would all be virgins! 🙂 For some of us, because our sin hasn’t killed us we figure we can go on sinning. At the end of  chapter 5 of Romans it tells us that where sin abounds (To be great in amount) grace abounds even more. But chapter 6 opens up with the question should you continue sinning because you know there’s Grace? And the answer is–> of course not. Grace is not a free pass to continue sinning. What we don’t realize is that although we’re not dying a physical death, spiritually we’re dying a very SLOW death everyday. The bible tells us explicitly the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23)

Do not allow a situation and/or a person, that’s probably temporary, to lead you away from life and life more abundantly. Life more abundantly includes eating healthy and avoiding soul ties that lead you away from Christ.

Love you all!!

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What do you think Waiters??

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