31 Days of Purity DAY 20


The HSCB version says, “He will even rescue the guilty one, who will be rescued by the purity of your hands.”

My pastor said something a while back that has stuck with me. He was telling us of a story where his name was being slandered, but instead airing out the other person’s dirty laundry God told him to hold his peace. He was later vindicated and information about the other person later came out and ruined that person. But because my pastor kept his hands out of the situation, his fingerprints were nowhere to be found when the other person’s name was being dragged through the mud, although he had the information and could have easily put it out for public scrutiny.

He kept his hands clean and kept his name out of the mud. There are times when we want to retaliate but if you hold your peace long enough everything done in the dark WILL come to light. PURE hands, PURE motives and a PURE heart. That’s what he requires.


What do you think Waiters??

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