The Shepherds Rod and Staff

A Shepard and His flock 🙂 God is our Shepard and we are His Flock.


Policharkhe_lgThe shepherd was generally equipped with both a staff and a rod.

The rod in biblical times was a two to four foot club used for defending the sheep from predators and robbers.  It was worn in their belt and may resemble a walking stick but was a weapon or tool to provide safety for the flock. The staff was used to hold the sheep during shearing and for gentle correction or re-directing. The hook at the top end of the staff was fit around the neck or head of the sheep to re-route them. At the bottom end of the staff was a spoon-shaped “shovel”. If the sheep wandered a bit from the herd, the shepherd would scoop up a bit of mud or dirt and flick it at the sheep that had drifted to catch its attention; hey the rest of the group is over here, there is…

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