How To Focus

image1. Say No
This is pretty self explanatory. Once we get to the place where we say no to things that fall in line with our purpose, we will be less frustrated. Oh, and “No” is a complete sentence 🙂

2. Don’t overextend yourself. 
Stop taking on too many things. If you can’t manage a project without it throwing your whole life out of wack, then don’t take it on.

3. Ask for help
I have a real problem with this one. Sometimes we can be so independent that we end up sabotaging ourselves. We may not even realize that there are those poised and ready to come to our rescue if we would only ask for the help.

4. Allow people to help you
This goes along with #3. After you’ve asked for help, ALLOW others to help you. What’s the use in asking for help if you’re just going to do it yourself anyway?

5. Work on one thing at a time 
We’ve become a society that takes pride in multitasking and it isn’t cute. So we end up taking 5,000 projects on and wonder we’re so stressed that out hair is falling out. A lot of times it’s best to work on one thing at a time.

If we can just keep our focus on what God is calling us to do, we can literally take the world for Christ! Obey God’s promptings, He really does know best.

Lets run this race together! See you at the finish line!!

365 Days of Purity

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