Are you WILLING?

I apologize for you yesterday’s missed post, I was having issues getting it to post. This post will serve as day 3 & 4. Thank you for your understanding.

During the holdFast fast with Kia Granberry one of the scripture references for the fast was Mark 12:41-44 often referred to as the Widow’s Mite. This widow not only gave her BEST gift she gave ALL that she had. The study notes in the my bible stated that Jesus looked past her APPEARANCE to see her WILLINGNESS. I have no doubt in her mind that for a split second she second guessed what she was about to do but for her the sacrifice was worth it. She gave with a PURE heart.

Is God worth your purity? Are you WILLING to sacrifice temporary relationships, horrible habits and dysfunctional situations for The God of the universe?

You may feel this your last chance at love. Or people have treated me wrong in the past so I have to keep this funky attitude so people know not to mess with me. But God is asking for purity…in EVERYTHING. He is WORTH it! I promise.

What are you willing to give up today?

Let’s run this race together. See you at the finish line!

What do you think Waiters??

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