Why are you doing this?

imageHey Family!! Welcome to the 2nd day of the year and the 2nd day of this Purity Challenge. How was yesterday for you? What did you do on the first day of the year?

I wanted to to start of with this today. I hear this phrase so much these days, “God knows my heart”. And I even I used the phrase back in the day, not even really understanding what I was really saying. I cringe when I hear people saying it now because they don’t even realize that God really does know our heart. He knows that we have absolutely no desire to what He’s asking us to do, so we try glaze over our sin with that clichéd phrase. What if we understood that God sees that you really have no plans to forgive that friend or family member? What if understood that He sees that we have no intentions on not lying anymore or manipulating people? What if we understood that He sees when we’re making the plans to go see “him” or “her” AGAIN?

Throwing cliches around thinking that’s going to shield you from the consequences of sin is detrimental to you life. Wouldn’t it be a shame to do all this “churchy” stuff on earth, having others think you and Jesus are two peas in a pod, and not even make it IN????

I don’t know about you but I’m not submitting and humbling myself for nothing! I HAVE TO GOT TO MAKE IT IN! I long for the day when I see God face to face and I hear “Well done good and faithful servant”. Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?

Let’s run this race together! See you at the finish line!!

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What do you think Waiters??

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