365 Days of Purity Challenge 2014!!!!



I am THRILLED to announce The Purity Challenge for 2014 for the iWaited family! For the 365 days, we will consecrate our minds, our bodies, our eyes, our ears and our souls to the Lord and allow Him to purify us in every way. The biggest component of this challenge is sexual purity, however that is not the only component. You can be sexually pure BUT your mind, eyes and mouth are a mess! This challenge is about becoming more and more like CHRIST each and every day! 

We will be praying corporately at 6:30am. If you all would like to pray on a conference call once per week, comment below and I will incorporate that. We will have a verse of the week, which we will meditate on for the given week. And we will also pray corporately at 10pm to close out the day and celebrate our day of PURITY. 

We are here to hold each other accountable. So invite a friend, family member or co-worker to join you on this challenge and let’s take 2014 by STORM! 

You can start now, however we will start as a group/family officially on January 1, 2014 12AM. I AM SO EXCITED!!

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