Hello world!

I’m so excited about the start of this blog!! When God gave me the vision for this blog a few weeks ago, I was sure that there was something out there like it. But in my research (Google, my friend), I didn’t find any blog or website that celebrated those that waited until marriage to engage in sex. There were plenty of celibacy and abstinence sites and how to remain so but nothing for those who actually followed through.

I just want youth and young adult Christians that desire to live holy to read about those that actually did what we desire to do. And that is to remain pure until the day of our wedding. This blog is for those that are virgins and have never engaged in any type of sex or sexual acts. It’s also for those, like myself, who’ve had sex outside of marriage and now want to do it the right way and wait. And finally it is for those who don’t think it’s possible to hold out until marriage. It is my hope that this blog will change that perception.

I am confident that this will be a blessing for me and many others.

Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I love your blog, to be a woman with 3 children in a long-term relationship with there dad 8 years and then a brakeup.Then to be in a relationship afterwards and then engaged but really wanting to do it right the 2nd to hold out for marriage but He couldn’t wait on our marriage so we called it off. The society makes it okay to proceed with sex without being married.This will empower many. Celibant for a year, yes me and counting. GOD BLESS YOU, THIS IS A GREAT BLOG.May many more testimonies come pouring in. GOD BLESS!!


  2. Thanks for following the voice of a God in starting your blog! It’s funny how in your search to see if other blogs celebrated celibacy, you weren’t able to find any. Sometimes what God has called us to do we maybe the first at it. I’m glad He chose you! This is very much needed!


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